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Criminal Defense Investigation

Private investigators serve a critical role in a criminal defense investigation. Every defense attorney and their defense team needs investigative support as they put together a case to establish reasonable doubt. Aggressive, capable private investigator Amber Coleman has extensive experience working on criminal defense investigations, reviewing and rereading and comparing materials received from the prosecution, gathering new evidence, securing witnesses for attorneys, and developing mitigation drawing on a wide range of sources.


The most successful defense attorneys know how to leverage the expertise of private investigators in their favor. At Coleman Investigators, Amber Coleman and her team have a wide range of knowledge, real-life experience, and subject matter expertise.

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Client Advocacy

Even though approximately 20 percent of adults in the U.S. deal with a mental illness in any given year, mental health struggles carry a stigma. Too often the criminal justice system is used inappropriately to deal with unmet needs for mental health care, punishing those who most need help. We believe over-criminalization is the wrong approach and we have extensive experience partnering with defense lawyers to help maximize the chances of defendants getting the treatment they need instead of getting punished. 


Our client advocates gather past treatment information, identifies suitable services and supports, connects individuals to those services and supports and obtain documentation and mitigation information.

Process Serving

Proper process serving, related documentation and filing is essential to many of your legal needs. We now offer professional and timely process serving and filing of all legal documents for law firms, attorneys and individuals anywhere in the state of Oregon.